Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Guilty Pleasures

A guilty pleasure is something/anything we enjoy and consider desirable despite feeling "guilt" for enjoying it so badly. We probably feel "guilt" mostly because of the fear of someone else finding about our little lowbrow or maybe embarrassing tastes in life. And this can range from simple irrational craving for chocolates to weird personal habits.
So long story short, I think we just want to be "accepted" so much by our society that we fear that our wants might make them dislike us (think we are some sort of weirdo in other words :P ) and things turn out to be "guilty" pleasures. But then again, what someone like might not be something that you'd like and I see no reason to hide it. And also, I see no reason why someone else should criticize another because of this. It's not like they are the only one's having guilty pleasures. I feel that we should respect one another's likes/dislikes no matter how creepy/weird it might sound to you. Because that person would have valid reasons why he/she likes it.
Now, I guess the whole "criticizing" has kinda "decreased" like, people now know that it's okay to like different things. This is a good thing. And it's gonna be better than this maybe? someday.

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